Public Access to Private Treasures:

This site provides searchable access to over 36,000 works of art owned privately in the UK.
Their owners make the works available for public viewing in exchange for tax incentives.

We want to work out the locations of all the works that are on public display and photograph as many as we can.

At the moment we have images of only around 0.1% of this collection.

So what can you do?

1. Explore

Use the site to explore the collections. They include artists from Raphael to Sickert, pottery, furniture, tapestries, jewellery, metalwork, clocks and books. There are also more unusual items: locks of hair, ancient stones, cars and even trains.

2. Book

When you find an object you want to visit, make an appointment with the owner. Some of these works can be seen most days in country houses or National Trust properties. We are trying to indicate these. Others may be in ordinary houses in suburban streets. If the owner or their representative is uncooperative HMRC would like to hear about it. Ask permission to take photographs of the object.

3. Visit

Enjoy a trip to see something that very few people in Britain have got to see up close. Take pictures if the owner has granted permission.

4. Upload

Share your pictures with us.

Head to Wikimedia Commons Make sure you add the work to the Tax exempt heritage assets category. You can see all the images of objects we've collected so far there.

Alternatively, email us the image with the ID number of the object. We will then send you an email making sure we can have permission to use the image on the site under an open licence.

Once you've visited one object, time to start the process again and track down another.