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Thirteen pamphlets relating to the various claims and cases of the Holles and Harley families

Maker:  Printed Book


Printed Book: Thirteen pamphlets relating to the various claims and cases of the Holles and Harley families, and the Portland family and the City of Amsterdam: i) Portland, Hans Willem Bentinck, Earl of, 1649-1709: An Account of the Passages in the Assembly of the States of Holland and West Friezeland, morocco backed boards, quarto, 1690, ii) The justification of the assertion of the burgomasters and senate of the city of Amsterdam, concerning the illegality of Monsieur Bentingh, the present Earl of Portland, etc. his sitting in the assembly of the lords states of Holland and West-Friesland, boards, morocco spine, small quarto 1690, iii) The Reason which induced Her Majesty to create the Rt. Hon. Robert Harley Esq. a Peer, small quarto, 1711, iv) Hollis, Denzil, 1599-1680: Master Hollis his speech, two copies, half morocco, one loose in binding, small quarto, 1641 and 1642, v) Hollis, Denzil, 1599-1680: A Speech... concerning Sir Randal Crew, half morocco, small quarto, 1641, vi) Browne (-) A Letter to the Rt. Hon. Mr Secretary Harley, boards morocco backed, small quarto, 1706, vii) Perpoynt (Pierrepont), William, 1607/8-1678: The True copy of Speech... against Sir Robert Berkley, wrappers, small quarto, 1641, viii) Harley, Sir Edward, 1624-1700, Auditor of the Imprest: An Humble Essay Toward the Settlement.. Church, boards morocco backed small quarto, 1681, ix) Defoe, Daniel, 1660?-1731: Memoirs of Some Transactions, cloth, octavo, 1717. x) Gregg, William, baptized 1673, d.1708: More Secret Transactions Relating to the Case, cloth, octavo, 1711, xi) Harley, Robert, 1st Earl of Oxford, 1661-1724: A Vindication of the Earl of Oxford, Wrappers, Octavo, 1715, xii) Defoe, Daniel, 1660?-1731: A Spectators Address to the Whigs on the Occasion of the Stabbing Mr Harley, two copies, wrappers, octavo, 1711, xiii) Oldmixon, John, 1672/3-1742: Reflections on Dr Swift's Letter to the Earl of Oxford about the English Tongue, half calf, octavo, 1712?

ID:  10619

Currently kept at: Welbeck Abbey



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