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Various papers and letters. Three anonymous letters - 1 in French

Maker:  Algarotti


Algarotti: Various papers and letters. Three anonymous letters - 1 in French, 2 in Latin, 3 in Italian. Two letters from David Garrick 1 from Naples Feb. 7 1764 thanking Count Algarotti profusely for favours received; quoting a flattering message from Voltaire to himself (D Garrick) and recommending Count A. to try Tar Water for his complaints. 2 from Rome April 7 1764 (A very intesesting letter) much pleased with the success of his remedy. Twenty-six letters from Lord Harvey of Ickworth, very curious, characteristic letters full of egotism and affection, some in French and some in English. NB. Oct. 30 1736, Interesting Dissertation on the criticism of English poets. Jan. 26/15. 1738, Mourning over the death of th Queen. Dec. 28 1738 Severe remarks on Mr Tomson (Thomson) and his poem on Sir I Newton. July 2/13 1740. Interesting account of life at goodwood. Aug 6/17 1741. A long Dissertation on the Ptolemaic. Sept 14/25 1741. Comments on Dr Middleton's Cicero which he had read and revised in MS. Robert Stange: Four letters Dec. 1762 April 1763 about his engraving Count A's treatise on painting etc. Thomas Villiers: Twenty-four letters between 1742-1754, about Algarotti's favour with King of Prussia, maupertins etc. John Strange: 1763, unimportant. Lord Holderness: Five letters written in Venice, unimportant. Sir Horace Mann: Seventeen letters 1758-1763, a few interesting allusions to men and events of the time. Revd W Mason: Two egotistic letters Sept-Dec 1763. Letters: Two locked vols. 1 Seven letters from Lord Bathurst to Alex Pope 1718-36. Invitations, personal occupations etc. 2 Two letters from David Hume, the Historian to Mallet, 1762-3 about his own history and urging M. to publish his life of Marlboro. 3 Six letters from Lord and Lady Bolingbroke to Mallet, various personal matters. 4 Six letters of Lord Chesterfield to Mallet circa 1753 about Bolingbroke's works, his own (C's) infirmities. Sir C grandison etc. 5 Two letters ND from Lady Hervey

ID:  15465



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