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Various works.

Maker:  Gray, Thomas


Thomas Gray: Various works. Gray, Thomas: Poems by Mr Gray, London, printed for J Dodsley in Pall Mall. MDCCLXVIII. First Edition. On p. 112 in the Elegy the correct spelling Awaits alike the inevitable hour is found, 4 122pp. Gray, Thomas: Poems by Mr Gray, London, Printed for J Dodsley in Pall Mall. MDCCLXVIII. The First Collected Edition. 119 pp. including the Elegy. Bound Red Morocco. Edward Addison's bookplate. No misprint awaits pp. 112. cxxxiiii folios. 4 122pp. 7 1/2 x 4 3/4. Gray, Thomas: Tours. The original MS. note books in green Morocco, temp. in a red Morocco case 6 x 4. 1 France and Italy, 1739-1741. 2 Suffolk 1761. Southampton 1764. Old Park Hartlepool 1765. 4 London, Kent, 1766-1768. 5 Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, 1769. 6 Scotland 1765, Bishoprick, Old Park etc. Cumberland, 1769. 7 Mason's Memorandum on Gray's writings. (This copy was lent to Mr Gosse when he was editing Gray's works and be published considerable portions of it without permission.

ID:  15475


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