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a) A cushion cover

Maker:  A Collection of cushion covers


A Collection of cushion covers: a) A cushion cover, the blue ground applied with an oak-tree and acorns in gros-point, fringed, late 17th/early 18th century, re-applied on dark green facecloth, with brown velvet border, fringed 20in x 32 1/2in b) Another, the faded crimson ground (very worn) applied with roundels and demi-roundels worked with foliage bordered with gold thread, (some roundels partly rebacked), early 17th century 21in x 39in d) Another of similar date, the black linen ground with an all-over arabeque design in gold thread 20in x 37in e) Another similar to (a) above, reapplied on green facecloth with an oak tree and spot motifs of a vine and insects, early 17th c 23in x 36in f) Another, the black ground worked and applied with a peacock, a bird and a flowerhead, reapplied on a facecloth ground, 17th c 22 1/2in x 35 1/2in h) A long cushion re-applied on black facecloth with blue arabesque design, early 17th c 21in x 35in i) A long cushion composed of eleven joined fragments of stamped crimson velvet, partly woven in gold and silver thread, 17th c.

ID:  81516