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A solid blue and white jasper cabaret

Maker:  Maker Unknown


A solid blue and white jasper cabaret, ornamented with scenes designed by Lady Templetown. All the pieces except (h), have a band of engine-turned stripes at the foot, and the covers also have radiating engine-turned stripes. (a) A large tea-pot and cover, with foliage handle and spout, ornamented on the one side with children at play and putti at play on the other with "The Young Seamstresses". (Cover and rim chipped.)14 cms high. (b) A smaller tea-pot and cover, identical except for size,ornamented on the one side with "The Bourbonnais Shepherd" and on the other with "Study". (Spout chipped.) 12 cms high. (c) A large sugar-bowl and cover, ornamented with "Poor Maria" and with putti at play. 13 cms high. (d) A smaller sugar-bowl and cover, ornamented on both sides with different scenes of putti at play. 10 cms high. (e) A slop-basin, with various scenes of putti at play and with "The Young Seamstresses". 12 cms diam. (f) A tea-bowl, with various figures, including one of putti playing Blind Mans Bluff. 8 cms diam. (g) A small cream jug, with handle and lip as on the two teapots and ornamented on the one side with "Study" and on the other with a putti chasing a swallow. 6 cms high. (h) An oval tray, with a patera in the middle and stiff-leaf ornament round the inside of the parapet. 35 x 28 cms.

ID:  9392


Region Unknown

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