Corsham Court

Corsham Court is an English country house in a park designed by Capability Brown. It is in the town of Corsham, 3 miles (5 km) west of Chippenham, Wiltshire and is notable for its fine art collection, based on the nucleus of paintings inherited in 1757 by Paul Methuen from his uncle, Sir Paul Methuen, the diplomat. It is currently the home of the present Baron Methuen, James Methuen-Campbell, the eighth generation of the Methuens to live there.\n\n... (Read more on Wikipedia)


Corsham Court
SN13 0BZ

We reccomend that you contact the venue to confirm that a specific work is currently on display before making a special visit.


Portrait of Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson

A steel fire basket

A fine mahogany partner's desk attributed to Chipp...

A set of two library chairs

A library chair

A rare mahogany games table George III

A walnut gateleg table

A set of three Gothic revival ebonised beechwood s...

A mahogany tea table

A mahogany card table

A bronze Colza-oil chandelier

A pair of bronze

Two red velvet-covered despatch boxes

A mahogany cabinet

A mahogany sofa table

A mahogany drum-top library table

A Manx mahogany tripod table

A mahogany book tray

A mahogany and walnut tripod table

A mahogany bergere

A cut-glass chandelier

A steel fire basket

A mahogany sideboard

A pair of two-tier burr-elm tables

A mahogany gateleg table

A mahogany dining table in the manner of Thomas Ch...

A fine rosewood breakfront side cabinet

A George III mahogany stick barometer

A Queen Anne ebonised bracket clock

A Wedgwood and Bentley black basalts bust

An important Worcester tea service

A suite of Worcester plates

A pair of black basalts vases

A famille-rose part tea service

A Chinese tea service

A bronze mortar

A pair of bronze ewers

A pair of large bronze ewers

A wax portrait of Isaac Newton after Le Marchand

An ivory portrait of John Locke

A marble relief of the head of Medusa in profile

A bronze equestrian statuette of Marcus Aurelius

An antique Roman bronze of Paris

A bronze figure of a nude man with a scroll

A bronze figure of a seated woman combing her hair...

A bronze figure of a seated woman putting on a san...

A bronze baroque figure of Bacchus by Massimiliano...

A bronze baroque figure of Venus de Medici by Mass...

Two Louis XIV bronze figures of Antinous and Venus...

A bronze bust of a faun

A bronze figure of Venus bathing

A bronze figure of Jupiter

Portrait of Ezekiel Wallis

River landscape with cattle watering and a wagon ...

Thomas Gainsborough

The evening star. On board

An entrance to a castle. Pen and ink and brown a...

A view of the Colisseum in Verona. Oil on canvas...

Cavalrymen before battle. Oil on canvas

A cavalry engagement. Oil on canvas

A peacock

Elegant figures by a wooded landscape by a garden...

Frederick II paying homage to the Pope. Oil on c...

Michelangelo. Black chalk

A scene with the adventures of Don Quixote and Sa...

Portrait of a Lady

Sir William Nicholson

A set of four elm side chairs

A mahogany side chair

A set of nineteen-tread Taylor's patent folding li...

An adjustable brass candle-stand

A pair of gilt brass table lamps

A brass table lamp

Two similar brass column lamps

A bronze and gilt brass candelabra

A rectangular padouk box

A pollard-oak display cabinet

A large Worcester blue scale jug

A Naples cabinet cup and saucer

Twelve Imari plates

A bronze mortar and pestle

An Italian bead portrait of a woman

A bronze figure of Galileo seated

A bronze figure of putto playing cymbals

Portrait of Issac Selfe (1663-1733)

Portrait of Anthony Methuen. Oval

Sickert. Oil on canvas

Four miniature Maltese made armours

A carved giltwood pier glass

A set of four carved wood stools

A pair of mahogany display cabinets in the manner ...

A fine late George II caddy case containing two ca...

Portrait of Jacob Selfe. Signed and dated 1744

Thomas Gainsborough

Portrait of Sir Paul Methuen. In a painted oval

Thomas Gainsborough

Portrait of The Rt. Hon. Sir Paul Methuen

Portrait of Matilda Gooch

Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Fair of Stateluco

A landscape with mythological figures. Oil o pan...

Perseus and Andromeda. Oil on canvas

Piranesi (G.B.) - Del Castello dell'Acqua Guilia (...

Cary (John) New map of England and Wales

Bowen (E.) Atlas Anglicanus (c. 1765).

Mitchell (John) Map of North America

A new general Atlas of the World (after Cluverius...

Atlas major (? Amsterdam c. 1690)

Geographia Sacra

An Illustrated Atlas of the United States


Geographia sacra

Map of Wiltshire

Map of the Country 65 miles round London

New and complete Atlas (c.1730) 27 maps.

Six Atlases.

Atlas of England


Book of Common Prayer


Theatrum orbis terrarium

The Little Sea Torch

The Bosphorus


Map of Bath

Musica Sacra

Masterpieces of Industrial Art and Sculpture

Le Chateau de Bercy

Connetables et Marechaux de France

La perfection du christianisme

Alcyonius; De exsilio

The Art of Swimming

Labyrinthe de Versailles

Historia del Testamento vecchio

Urbis Romae aedifiorum...A.J.A. Dosio incisae

Anecdotes of Painting

Le vite de piu ecellenti pittori

Le vite de piu ecellenti pittori

Spaccio della Bestia trionfante or expulsilon of ...


Songs and other poems

Britanni Languens or a discourse on trade

Catalogue raisonne of the works of the Dutch

Traite des plu belles bibliotheques

Le bellezze dell citta di Firenze

Cento novello

Orlando innamorato

ditto il Guerrino. Venice

Vita de Michelangelo Buonarotti

Speculum pudicitiae - engravings by Sadeler after ...

De origine Veronae

Notizie de'Profesori del disegno di ciambue in qu...

Vita (Naples

Serie degli'uomini illustri nella pittura

Felsina pittrice

Academie des sciences et arts

De los Santos (Fr.) Description del monasterio del...

Chinese Pottery and Porcelain

Later Ceramic Wares of China

Hobson (R.L.) Wares of the Ming Dynasty

The pencil of nature



Manual of Orchidaceous Plants

mostly on art

The Norfolk poetical miscellany

Musical miscallany being a collection of choice so...




De re poetica

Lalla Rookh

Posthumous Works

Bacon (Sir Francis) Two books of learning

Some familiar letters


Don Juan Cantos I and II



Miscellany Poems


Works and Life


Burke (Edmund) Works

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


Historical collections






Journey to the Western Island


Life of Samuel Johnson

Paston Letters

Memoirs of Comte Gramont








Dodona's Grove

The complete Practical Cook

Glasse (Mrs H.) The Art of Cookery


Le vite

Miscellaneous books

Voyage au Levant

Travels into the Levant

The Complete Geographer

The Six Voyages into Persia

Collection of Voyages

Travels through Europe

Ambassade de la Chine

Universal British Traveller

Environs of London

History of America

Geographia antique et nova

History of the conquest of Mexico

Ritratto de Roma moderna

A Compendium of Voyages

New Survey of the West Indies

Relation de divers Voyages curieux

Recueil des voyages qui ont servi a l'establissem...

Ambassades memorables de la compagnie des Indies ...

Voyages par la Mosocovie en Perse

Voyages faits de Perse aux Indes Orientales

State of the Ottoman Empire

Historia Aethiopica

Voyage au Indes Orientales

Prospect of the most famous parts of the World

New and accurate description of the Coast of Guin...

The present State of Good Hope

Portuguese Asia

Relation of the invasion of Florida

Plans of Harbours etc.

Relation du voyage de la mer du Sud

Amoenitatum exoticarum fasciculi

Observations made on a tour from Bengal to Persia...

Description of England and Wales

Voyages and Discoveries in South America

Chorea gigantum

British Atlas

A Voyage round the World

Journey overland form the gulf of Honduras to the...

Britannia depicta

The English Gentleman's Guide or new book of maps...

Three years Travel from Moscow to China

Topographical survey of the road to Bath (-road t...

An Universal History

Vitae et icons Turcorum

Bucaniers of America

Bibliographical Tour

Observations on his Voyage

Relations de divers voyages

Costume de China

Pinto (F.M.) Voyage

The habitable world described



Bruce (Sir James) Travels to discover te Source of...


Hakluytus posthumus

New account of... Persia

Voyage to the Southern Hemisphere

The principal Navigations

History of Japan

Du Halde (J. B.) Description of China

Beauties of England and Wales

Account of an Embassy to the Emperor of China





Il pastor fido





Il Falconiere

Monasticon Anglicanum

Miscellaneous books

Abridgement of the Laws in force in the Plantation...

Tractatus de divinatione

Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain


Rules of Perspective

Vitruvius Britannicus

The Way to Health


Introduction to Algebra

Discourse on the Public Revenues and Trade of Eng...

The British Merchant


O. Panvinius and others. Topographia Romae

The British Merchant

Description of Leicestershire

Church History of Britain

Worthies of England

History of Somerset

A Donaldson etc. Scotland illustrated

Antiquities of Warwickshire

Itinerarium curiosum

Ancient Funeral Monuments

Etruscorum antiquerium fragmenta

Roma Sotteranea


Sketches on the Moselle

Vedute de Firenze



Oxonia illustrate



Antiquities of Warwickshire





Historia utriusque belli


Antiquities expliquees

Espana artistica

Thesaurus Romanarum (-Graecarum) antiquitatum

Peerage of Great Britain

Theatre des peintures

Academie de l'espee

Palazzi antique de Genova

Kent (William) Inigo Jones' Designs for Whitehall ...

Memoirs of Wool

Theory of the Earth

Epitoe du tresor des antiquitez

Colonna Traiana

Notitiae orbis

Note del museo

La pratica della Perspettiva

Palazzi de Roma

Mussaei Joviani imagines

The Builder Dictionary

New designs of Chimney Pieces

Chinese architecture

I Cesari in oro nel Farnes Museo

Traite... de l'architecture ancienne

L'Enea vagante

Maniere de basir

Vestigi delle antichita di Roma

Aedes Barberinae

Li cinque ordini di architecture

Principes du Dessein

Utilissimo trattato dell 'acque correnti

Discorso della religiouse antica de Romani

Trattato della pittura

Templum Vaticanum


Fabbriche antiche

Numismata Empororum

Designs for Kew Gardens

Vulson de la Colombiere


Order of the Bath

Histoire des plantes

Theatrum civitaum (Naples & Sicily) one volume on...

A collection of 15 large volumes

Collection of plates

Duc d'Orleans Collection

Reliquiae anticae Romae

Statues et Bustes antiques des maisons Royales

Spanish Scenery

Lewis (John F.) Sketches of Spain

Sketches of Alhambra (1834)

Works after the Great Masters


Les edifices antiques de Rome

Discours... de la cite de Nimes

Antiquitatum Veronensium libri

Villa Pamphilia

Palazzi de Roma

Montano (G. B.) Architetura


Architettura von den funf Saulen

Della trasportatione dell' Obelisco Vaticano

Les cinq orders d'architecture

Caracci (L.) Il Claustro de S. Michele in Boscho

Livre d'architecture

Libro appartenante a l'architettura



Le diverse de artificiose machine

Nova theatre di machine

Newton (Sir Isaac) Opticks

Philosophiae naturalis principia

Philosophical Transactions


Primitive Origination of Mankind

La Metoposcopie

Statuta Hospitalis Hierusalem

Astronomiae physicae

Architecture improved

Mathematical Magic

Whole Art of Navigation


La figure de la terre dertminee

History of the Royal Society

The Doctrine of Chances

Elements of Algebra

Cursus mathematicus

Le Grand (A.) Entire Body of Philosophy

Lesicon technicum

Cent stampes des differentes nations du Levant


Philosophiae naturlis principia

Views of Lansdown Tower

La grande galerie de Versaille

The Aurelain

Antiquities Etrusques

Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at ...

Approximately 600 books.

Georgian Society - Records

Plain Introduction to Practical Music

Collection of Acts 1784-96

3 vols.

Views of Seats of Noblemen


Miscellaneous books.

Catalogue of Honour

Order of the Garter


Display of Heraldry

Receuil des armoires des premiers et anciens pairs...


Methode et invention nouvelle de dresser les cheva...

Byzantine historiae scriptores

English Improver improvd. 1653.

Lexicon technicum

Observations on Experimental Philosophy

Register of the Order of the Garter

Statutes at Large

Baronagium genealogicum


Historia del Gran Tamerian


Les Histoires et chroniques du monde

The History of the Rebellion


Natursystem des insekten

Systema entomologiae


Systema agriculturae

Horticultural Repository


Rural Sports

Exposition of English insects

The Complete Horseman

Donovan (Edward) History of British Insects

Illustrations of Natural History

Exercitationes de Nominibus animalium



Anatomy of Plants

Historie generale des drogues

Cruydt Boek

Anatomy of an Horse

New Method of Dress Horses

Pomona 1729.

Instructions du Roy en l'exercise de monter a che...

Voyage to the island Madeira

L'Histoire...des Oiseaux


Rerum medicarum.. plantarum

New Herball 1562-61

Description des plantes d'Amerique

Historia naturalis de quadrupedibus etc.

Epitome of Natural History of Insects of China

Portraits of Rare Birds at Osterley Park

Natural history of uncommon birds

Herbarium Amboinense

Observations of the Theory and Practice of Landsca...

Observations of the Theory and Practice of Landsca...


Botanist's Repository

The Gentleman's Recreation

Hortus Indicus Malabaricus

Plaque at Marseilles


Liber Chronicarum

New Principles of Gardening

Klare onderrichtinge der.. Woprstelkonst

Delle Caccie



Archives de l'Histoire des insects

De florum cultura

Histoire naturelle des Colibris

Collection of drawings of beetles by J.R. Reinold...

English Botany

Vegetable Staticks

Botanical Magazine

Approximately 430 other volumes.




Actes and Monuments (Book of Martyrs) 1684


Lady of the Lake; Rokeby; Lay of the Isle; 5 vols....



Acta Mahometi Saracenum Princeps (Frankfurt)

History of Duncan Campbell

The adventures of David Simple

L'entretien des beaux esprits

The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy

Celenia or the history of Hyempsal 1736

Tom Jones


The adventures of Peregrine Pickle

The Annales

A World of Wonders

I Promessi Sposi

Roma antica


17th/18th century

Miscellaneous books

approximately 50 volumes.


History of the Grand Visiers

Gazette illustree des amateurs des jardins

Cours d'architecture

Archive of the Methuen family of Corsham Court

Archive of the Methuen family of Corsham Court